Technical Information Hub

Last updated: 26 October 2022

This hub signposts to pages with further technical information about the design of indicators, data sources, links to more detailed monitoring information and plans for future indicator development.

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Selection Criteria

The following criteria were used to guide the selection of indicators. These draw on international best practice and discussions with stakeholders, and map closely to the criteria used to select National Indicators in the National Performance Framework.

  • Relevance: There must be a clear relationship between the indicator and Environment Strategy outcome.

  • Validity: The indicator must measure what it is supposed to measure.

  • Distinctiveness: The indicator must not measure something already captured under other indicators.

  • Practicality: The indicator must provide value for money and it must be feasible and affordable to obtain data.

  • Clarity: The indicator must be straightforward to interpret by the intended audience. It must clearly communicate the measure that it is trying to assess.

  • Credibility: The indicator must be based upon impartial, reliable data that is precise enough to show change over time.

  • Public interest: Indicators must be engaging and relevant for members of the public.