Environment Outcomes Hub

Last updated: 26 October 2022

This hub signposts to ‘outcome pages’ which:

  • describe the indicators used for each outcome

  • report live information on the status and trends of indicators

  • summarise what this tells us about progress towards achieving each outcome.

Click below to access information for each outcome:


Data Interpretation

The Monitoring Framework includes nineteen high-level indicators. There are between two and five indicators for each of the six outcomes. Additional indicators may be included as the Monitoring Framework is further developed.

The indicators were selected to help tell a strategic story of progress towards each outcome. However, given the broad scope of the Environment Strategy outcomes, the indicators alone cannot provide a complete picture of progress. The indicator data should therefore be considered alongside wider sources of evidence in assessing progress towards the Environment Strategy outcomes.


Data Analysis

The Environment Strategy outcomes set out our goals for restoring nature, tackling climate change and using resources sustainably; and the benefits this will create for Scotland’s economy, society and global citizenship.


Scotland's nature is protected and restored with flourishing biodiversity and clean and healthy air, water, seas and soils



We play our full role in tackling the global climate emergency and limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C



We use and re-use resources wisely and have ended the throw-away culture



Our thriving, sustainable economy conserves and grows our natural assets



Our healthy environment supports a fairer, healthier, more inclusive society


Global Footprint

We are responsible global citizens with a sustainable international footprint