The data used to produce the charts of the main report and the child poverty summary is available for download below. The files also contain further poverty and child poverty analysis which is not shown in the charts of the main report.

Poverty and child poverty data

Estimates are averages of three years’ worth of data in order to reduce data volatility and show trends more accurately:

  • all data (xlsx, 250 KB) - all data from the main report except for the data in Figures 30-32, plus additional poverty and child poverty breakdowns
  • confidence intervals - measurement uncertainty information for the headline estimates

In addition, estimates of the headline indicators and household income based on single years of data are also available. These are used in the child poverty summary alongside the trend data, as well as in Figures 30 and 31 of the main report. They are not used in any other charts:

Persistent poverty data

Tables of the persistent poverty estimates are included in the persistent poverty report.